My Last MRI of 2019

I can't believe I am nearing my last MRI of the year. I am so happy this year is almost behind me and I am going into the new year hopeful. Mostly hopeful that my regular 3 month MRI and doctor visits will be deduced to every 6 months. I was thinking about how far… Continue reading My Last MRI of 2019

The Greatest Man to Ever Live

This fall, our family lost our patriarch, my Grandfather. He was the best grandfather that any child could ever hope to have. He would be silly with us, yet stern when we needed it and never made us feel less than the most loved child on the planet (there are 8 grandchildren but each of… Continue reading The Greatest Man to Ever Live

The Art of Letting Go

I've never been good at letting go of things. I don't mean silly grudges or gripes. I always have an easy time of letting those go. I mean tangible things. Things that are comfortable to me. Things that I adore and hold meaning.  I'll never be the person that hops on a plane and starts… Continue reading The Art of Letting Go

What it’s Like Walking Into a Cancer Center as a Patient

There was no greater feeling in the world than hearing my tumor was benign. Make no mistake however, these monsters can be invasive, grow aggressively, damaging to vital organs and in some cases, have caused fatalities. I feel like I say this all the time, but I am very lucky that my tumor is where… Continue reading What it’s Like Walking Into a Cancer Center as a Patient