I’m 7ish Months Into Parenting – Here’s What I’ve Learned

First lesson: no matter the circumstances (you can literally be staring at your sleeping child on a monitor), you will most likely hear a crying baby while you're showering. If whipping open the shower curtain to get a better listen burned many calories, I'd be 90lbs by now. I can't believe we are 6, almost… Continue reading I’m 7ish Months Into Parenting – Here’s What I’ve Learned

First Time Momma Must-Haves

Am I the only one who completely put off doing their baby registry? I knew nothing about newborn care and didn't know what I would definitely need and what was just a money grab. It was all so overwhelming especially when I had just grasped the concept that I was really going to be a… Continue reading First Time Momma Must-Haves

Manifesting My Mondays Away

The house is quiet. It's probably the first time since Oliver was born that we are all home but the only sounds are me typing, the dog snoring and the TV on low. That's about as quiet as it's going to get and I'm very content with it. I am returning back to work on… Continue reading Manifesting My Mondays Away

The Trenches of Parenthood

Wow. I cannot even say how good it feels to be back at my lap top writing. I'm not sure if it's writing that is making me feel so good, or, being able to finally balance an infant to the point where I have a few moments to do something for myself that is beyond… Continue reading The Trenches of Parenthood