How to Successfully Host a Holiday

"I cook my turkey the old fashioned way … I have my mom do it." That quote speaks to my soul. It's not that I'm a terrible cook or the world's worst hostess it's just that my mom is WAY BETTER at it. Why fix what isn't broken? Hosting a holiday for the first time… Continue reading How to Successfully Host a Holiday

A Very Covid Christmas

Is it just me, or does this year's holiday season seem … lame? I know it's because we are going through a pandemic, but after Thanksgiving felt underwhelming, I'm determined to make Christmas feel better. Here are some ways we can all have a safe, feel-good Christmas season during Covid. Drive-Thru Lights Gillette Stadium in… Continue reading A Very Covid Christmas

Gobble Some Gratitude This Season, Will Ya?!

In hard times, gratitude can be a powerful force. Focusing on the good got me through my diagnosis last year, and it’s been helpful again this year while I’ve been transitioning back to work. Every year, when we celebrate Thanksgiving, I'm always reminded that even in good times, we should be thankful (maybe even more… Continue reading Gobble Some Gratitude This Season, Will Ya?!