The Importance of Acceptance

I think its particularly easy to be in denial when you go from being healthy to having a diagnosis. Your mind just doesn't want to accept it and there is a certain part of you that goes into crisis mode. Through this journey I have really learned the importance of acceptance. For me, it is… Continue reading The Importance of Acceptance

Exercising with a Desmoid

Recently my husband and I purchased a Peloton spin bike. We found we both really enjoyed taking classes at a local studio, but because there are two of us who seemingly loved to go almost everyday we did our research and found the Peloton made more sense for us. We really do love it and the freedom… Continue reading Exercising with a Desmoid

An Entire Lifestyle Change

Growing up we always ate real food. From the moment I could gum something down, my food was exactly what my parents were eating. I remember my mother making full blown meals that we would all gather at the dinner table to eat. I definitely grew up learning to love (or at least try) ingredients… Continue reading An Entire Lifestyle Change

Days Like These

I know off days will happen while I'm on my healing journey. I knew that some days I would wake up with some pain and discomfort from my tumor and those days have been frequent this week. So instead of focusing on my discomfort or even having a pity party, I am going to list… Continue reading Days Like These

Healing Myself

They say everything that comes to you, comes to you when you need it. Right now, for my Desmoid, I am on a "watch and wait". Meaning, after my next MRI they are going to see if my tumor has grown, shrunk or is stable. Mine is going to be shrunk because that's what I've… Continue reading Healing Myself

The LESSON of a Lifetime

*I think its important to first note that when I originally titled this blog post I used the word "scare" in place of "lesson" but now, I am no longer using that word because while the situation is scary, I know there is a greater purpose than just to scare me.* I thought that I… Continue reading The LESSON of a Lifetime