How Quickly We Forget

I am NOT, by any means, an outdoorsy person. In fact, I really resonate with this meme in particular:I do, however have a best friend who is outdoorsy. We often speak about how we are so opposite and that's how our friendship works. She tends to get me into situations that are out of my… Continue reading How Quickly We Forget

Heal Documentary

Very few things will come into your life that spark you to change the way you have been living. For me, my diagnosis was that catalyst but there have been a few things that I only stumbled upon because of my diagnosis that continue to change my life. I know its all part of my… Continue reading Heal Documentary


I love walking around barefoot in the summer. If I am not at work, you will very rarely find me with shoes on when the weather is warm. I didn't realize, before beginning my journey, the health benefits that walking around barefoot can have! By definition, Earthing (also known as grounding) refers to contact with the Earth's… Continue reading Earthing/Grounding