We Sold Our Home in 2 Days

Moving is daunting. The thought of packing up the things you've accumulated in the X amount of years you've lived somewhere can seem like an impossible task. Last month, my husband and I had the opportunity to sell the house we've called home for four years. Because the market is so hot right now, it… Continue reading We Sold Our Home in 2 Days

A Very Covid Christmas

Is it just me, or does this year's holiday season seem … lame? I know it's because we are going through a pandemic, but after Thanksgiving felt underwhelming, I'm determined to make Christmas feel better. Here are some ways we can all have a safe, feel-good Christmas season during Covid. Drive-Thru Lights Gillette Stadium in… Continue reading A Very Covid Christmas

Pandemic Pregnancy: Why I Feel Lucky

First time pregnancy, with a tumor, during a pandemic - sounds a bit like a horror movie, doesn't it? For me, it actually isn't a nightmare but a dream. Hear me out. I totally understand there are women who are pregnant during this crazy time and would have much preferred a more normal situation. I… Continue reading Pandemic Pregnancy: Why I Feel Lucky