Momma Must Haves

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Baby Nail Clipper
Is there anything scarier than clipping or trimming your baby’s nails? Not anymore! This fantastic, electric baby nail trimmer is gentle and effective. It stops when it hits the baby’s skin and is a way to ensure traumatic nail clipping is the thing of the past. Not to mention, I’ve used this to give myself an at-home manicure too!

Tommee Tippee Advanced Bottle& Pouch Warmer

Those late-night/early morning feedings are brutal. When you want to soothe your baby and get back to sleep, warming the bottle as quickly as possible is a top priority. My husband and I swear by this bottle and pouch warmer. Because it plugs into any outlet, we can keep it on our nightstand table and turn it on when we hear the baby starting to stir.

Baby Bjorn Bouncer

We are huge fans of the Baby Bjorn Bouncer. From the first day we brought our son home, he loved this seat. He would immediately stop crying when we bounced him in this. One of the best parts of this investment is that it grows with baby! When your child is too big to use as a bouncer, you can remove the cloth and turn it around for them to use as a regular seat. Its lightweight and easy foldability also makes it ideal for travel and moving around the house.

Hatch Sound Machine

The Hatch was a lifesaver when we needed some dull light in our bedroom in those newborn days, and it’s a lifesaver now that the baby has transitioned into his own room. The soothing noises help put and keep the baby to sleep while the low light options make a necessary middle of the night diaper changes non-disruptive.