My 100th Blog … a Year Later.

Almost a year has passed since I utilized this space. My little corner of the internet I adore so much. I had this crazy urge to blog, so I made it a point to slow down, sit down, and do it (and it just so happens to be nap time). So here I am.

This is my 100th blog post! I can’t even believe I used to have the time to do this multiple times a week. Thinking about how much that has changed makes me sad. I also know my time is being used elsewhere (in raising our son) in such a meaningful way that I am also so grateful. So much of motherhood is putting yourself last. As many bubble bath posts and “you can’t pour from an empty cup” quotes we get fed on Instagram, we all know how hard it is to implement those rituals in our lives with littles. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

SO here I am. Almost a year later, and BOY has it been a damn year. My husband and I have both gone through career changes, we’ve settled into our new home, we’ve watched our healthy, happy boy grow into the sweet, funny, wild toddler he is, and we’re adding to our family!

SURPRISE! We’re pregnant with baby number 2, a baby girl, due in June.

I have so much to write about. My move to strictly freelancing and leaving the 9-5 life behind (remember I manifested that?! Had to add that in because I know some think I’m crazy.) My husband switched gears in his career and is flourishing in a new role. Our recent pregnancy and how completely night and day this journey is compared to our son’s. Learning the ins and outs (and struggles) of a WFHM and so much more because let’s be honest, I could talk for hours on end.

I have a lot of good stuff to share. A lot to get down on “paper,” and I’ve missed hearing from this beautiful community we’ve built here. So look out for my posts. I can’t promise they will be consistent, but I promise they will be full of heart.

Talk to you soon(ish)!

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