I’m 7ish Months Into Parenting – Here’s What I’ve Learned

First lesson: no matter the circumstances (you can literally be staring at your sleeping child on a monitor), you will most likely hear a crying baby while you’re showering. If whipping open the shower curtain to get a better listen burned many calories, I’d be 90lbs by now.

I can’t believe we are 6, almost seven months into our parenting journey. It feels like just yesterday I was breathing heavy after a couple of stairs, nine months pregnant, and saying to my husband, “I’ll never do this again!” Now in the blink of an eye, we’re here, and I’m that lunatic for wondering if we will have another baby.

I know there are plenty of lists like these out there: 1. I NEVER KNEW MY HEART COULD HOLD THIS MUCH LOVE, but I wanted to make a REAL list. Nitty-gritty stuff that I can look back on and laugh at when our son is annoying us by taking the car and staying out too late.

Your Baby’s Poop Doesn’t Gross You Out – I accidentally got some on my finger once, and THAT was gross, but you would think wiping a butt multiple times a day would be awful. Nah. That’s my baby’s butt and poo, and I’m happy to look at it because … is it a normal color??

I Can’t-Wait for Bedtime and Also Miss Him Once He’s Asleep – Yeah, I’ve sniffed a worn onesie once or twice when our son is sleeping. SO WHAT?! You count the hours until bedtime some days, and once they’re sleeping, all it takes is seeing one photo to think, “what if I just quietly go stare at him?”

Mom Guilt is Real – You can be staring at a thriving, happy baby, and you think you’re doing something wrong. No matter what, there is a concern. Is he hungry? Is he content? Is that too much screen time? Did he get fresh air? It doesn’t stop, but I think it’s just an (annoying) sign of your love.

You’ll Feel Proud and Heartbroken Simultaneously – Every new milestone, every new personality trait, or learned behavior, your heart bursts with pride and shatters into a million pieces at once. You get further and further away from the newborn phase, infancy, and while you’re so happy to see how well your baby is doing, it’s heartbreaking too. Your baby is getting older.

You’ll Inherit Mom Strength – From their first shots to the first time they hurt themselves, you get this internal mom beast mode you don’t expect. You handle it. Act calm. Don’t show fear, and let your little one know you’ll make it OK even if you don’t know-how. You are the calm in the storm now because you have to be.

You’ll Wonder Why You Were Ever Scared to Do This -There was once a time in my life where the thought of having children terrified me beyond belief. I was scared up until I was in the OR having Ollie. It’s so true when you hear people say you get a mother’s intuition. This baby was a stranger, but it also felt like I’d known him my whole life. We are entirely in a groove, and now, even down to his cry, I know what he needs.

Motherhood has been the most exhausting, exhilarating, and most significant learning curve period of my life. I wouldn’t trade a moment or a lesson for anything.

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