Home Reno: Small Updates = Big Difference

If you follow along with me on Instagram or have read one of my most recent blog posts, you know we moved. Now that we have unpacked the boxes, the house is looking more like a home, and I’m back to being my usual version of insane; I’d love to share some of the updates made to our new (to us) home.

We moved into a home built in 1925, so while I refer to it as new, it certainly isn’t. I think thats one of the most fantastic things about it. She’s aged like a fine wine too. The best feature in older homes (besides being built solid) is the character. There are characteristics in old houses that you can’t duplicate in new builds. From original glass doorknobs to beautiful door frame woodwork and built-ins, being able to update and bring out the character in an old home is so much fun.

This house didn’t need too much work. As in our last home, the bones were great, giving us a head start. We made some minor updates (refinishing the floors was one of the bigger undertakings) that completely transformed the look and overall feel of this oldie but goodie. Check out the below and afters:

We still have a few rooms to finish completely but we are well on our way to being completed. With a little love and paint, any space can transform into something beautiful!

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