We Sold Our Home in 2 Days

Moving is daunting. The thought of packing up the things you’ve accumulated in the X amount of years you’ve lived somewhere can seem like an impossible task. Last month, my husband and I had the opportunity to sell the house we’ve called home for four years. Because the market is so hot right now, it happened in the blink of an eye. We learned what to do and what to avoid when you’re moving on and moving out.

Get Organized Before Your Home is on the Market
I remember thinking, “we’ve only been here four years; how much stuff could we have possibly accumulated?” So much stuff. Things resurfaced that I didn’t even remember owning. Before we even knew we were going to sell our home, we had our basement professionally cleaned out, making all the difference. Once we had met with our realtor, we knew we had to declutter before any showings and didn’t allow the house to hit the market until we had done so. Being able to rid our house of clutter and useless items allowed us to prepare our home for showings. Not to mention knowing we could list the house as soon as we had it decluttered lit a fire under us and ensured we got it done.

Footage of me staring at all the crap we had to get rid of

Depersonalize Your Space
It can feel intrusive having strangers walk through your home. I was not too fond of the idea of people walking in our son’s nursery or standing in our bedroom, but it’s all part of selling a home. I did the best I could by removing items that had our names or photos of us. (though our gallery wall remained with all our wedding photos, oh well). I removed signage in the nursery with the baby’s name and made sure all of our important documents were in a safe place outside of the house. Not only does doing this keep some of your privacy, but it allows buyers to imagine themselves in that space, which leads to an emotional connection. Emotional connections = offers, baby.

We Chose No Signage
I’m not a realtor by any means, and I’m sure some realtors hate this, but we asked that no sign be placed in front of our home. We were in a “seller’s market,” so we didn’t need a sign for traffic, and I felt better without one. Anyone interested in our home saw it through our realtor’s marketing efforts, and we didn’t have to explain ourselves to any nosey neighbors.

Be Specific About Covid Concerns
Because we are in a pandemic, having strangers walk through your home can seem even more nerve-wracking than usual. My husband and I were pretty “chill” when it came to our covid conditions and just required everyone to wear a mask, of course. Our realtor made it clear we could have gone several different routes from asking everyone to put on disposable booties upon entrance to “museum-style” showings where only the realtor and their colleagues open closet doors. While we didn’t utilize more intense precautions, we were glad we knew our options had we wanted to.

Get You a Realtor Who Knows Digital Marketing
Today, social channels are the new word of mouth. We are no longer printing listings in the Sunday paper and hoping the right audience comes across it. Our realtor not only knew how to market our home correctly, but she also had an arsenal of ideas, including high-end photography that showcased our home beautifully.

Remember a House is Just Four Walls, The People Make the Home
It’s emotional when you walk out of your home for the last time. When our space was all cleared out and cleaned up, I got a little teary-eyed before walking out for the last time. We brought our babies (dog and human) home there and went through many milestones in that house. While I did get misty-eyed, I also couldn’t be more excited for our future endeavors. We were all moving on together and had a brand new space to make brand new memories in. Try to keep this in mind when you’re feeling sad or attached.

Just as buying a home is a huge deal, selling is too. Take your time, be specific with your wants and make sure you heed the professionals’ advice, the realtors. Happy selling!

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