Crystal Clear Vision: The Crystals I Used in Childbirth

Every day we exchange energy, put out energy, and consume energy. While I was pregnant, I did a lot of reading about how important energy is during childbirth.

While I was excited to meet our baby, I couldn’t shake my nervous energy. As much as I craved to be confident and steadfast in my abilities to give birth, I wasn’t feeling any of those things. I needed a boost. As I’ve explained in the past, my belief in crystal energy runs deep, especially with my healing, so I turned to crystals to radiate energy into the room that I felt I needed help with.

I turned to my friend, Jocelyn, from The Belden Witch. Jocelyn is based out of Colorado, but we met when we attended high school together. She is a self-proclaimed “green witch in the mountains.” I’ve followed her journey online for a while and I knew she would know exactly which crystals I needed to confidently, safely, bring our baby boy into this world. Jocelyn has so many amazing remedies, crystals, and ritual suggestions for all things healing and feel good, self-care. Check her out on Instagram and bring some of her magic into your own home. You won’t regret it.

Jocelyn mailed me five hand-picked crystals for my labor and delivery experience, along with a note explaining the crystals she chose for me and their purpose. The magic of crystals begins the second you get them in hand. Jocelyn explained in the note;

“Meditate with your crystals. Set a sacred space, it doesn’t need to be fancy. Your coziest blanket, your favorite pillow, light a candle, turn on some soothing music, hold your crystals in your hand while you drift off into the ether. Clear your mind, or manifest an easy, smooth delivery.”

I laid my crystals in the baby’s empty bassinet immediately to my right. Each night before I went to bed I would hold them in hand and envision a smooth delivery process. No matter what that process would look like. I imagined how I would feel, how calm I wished to be. I pictured a nurse passing me our son with my husband close by. Overwhelming happiness, love, and health. I pictured this again and again. When I was done, each night, back into this bassinet they went. With all my intentions, in the place where he would rest his head once he was earthside.

When I packed my hospital bag, my crystals were the first items I packed and were the first things I unpacked in my hospital room. They stayed on the nightstand when I was induced. Two days later, my body wasn’t progressing the way it should have. We were 8 days past due and, it was evident I was going to need a c-section. As my husband scrubbed up and we soaked in our last few moments, just us two, he grabbed my crystals and put them in his pocket. He stood strong and unwavering by my side as our son was brought into the world at 1:15 pm on August 31st, 2020. I was completely calm the entire time, freakishly so. We felt an overwhelming sense of happiness, love, and health.

Here is the list of crystals I used and their purposes (provided by Jocelyn):

Lapis Lazuli
The “Pregnancy Crystal” in Egyptian history, Lapis Lazuli helps to reduce the physical, mental, and emotional stress of pregnant women. If you are anxious and feeling restless, this stone can help you get out of trouble.

Known as the “Midwife’s Stone,” it helps stimulate contractions, eases labor pains, and facilitates safe childbirth.

Rose Quartz
A “Crystal of Love,” this pink crystal radiates an aura of love and compassion. IT emits nurturing energy, aids fertility, conception, pregnancy, and childbirth.

Known as the “Goddess of Feminine Energy,” this stone promotes ease during pregnancy and childbirth, stabilizes hormones, and balances fluid retention.

Excellent for positivity and protection. Emitting a calm and smooth frequency, soothing your body and emotions. This stone creates a relaxed and soothing environment during your pregnancy and childbirth.

I know having the energy of these crystals around me helped bring our baby safely into this world with all the confident, calm energy I needed.

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