Product Review: Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal

Boy, I sure hope this blog doesn’t … suck.

K, that pun is out of my system and we can move on. Thanks for bearing with me.

I know this topic may seem lame to some, but if you are in the market for a vacuum you know how many options there are. You also know that no matter what, they can be pretty pricey. Any information you can gather from real life, unbias consumers before you make a purchase can make a world of difference.

Basically, my entire adult life I’ve been eyeing a Dyson vacuum. Well, ever since I had an apartment or house to clean. I’ve always talked myself out of it because they are on the pricey side and thinking about spending a lot of money to clean dirt really bummed me out. Then we got a Frenchie, who sheds like it’s his actual job and had a baby who one day will be all over these floors/carpets. I needed a quick way to clean the best I could. Enter the Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal.

Here are some pros:

This Puppy is Cordless
Did you just hear angels singing? I did. If you have a vacuum that requires being plugged into the wall, step in 2021 and get yourself a cordless vac. I’m telling you, it makes all the difference. I am no longer plugging and unplugging depending on the room. Not reaching places that aren’t conveniently located next to an outlet is a thing of the past. I’m not retracting or winding any wires. Messes are just easier to get to and get up with a cordless vacuum. Not to mention taking care of the runner on our stairs has NEVER been easier. Because it’s so easy to move around the house, I find I can vacuum much more often. Mama likes!

It’s Very Lightweight
This isn’t your mother’s old school, honking vacuum. My back is always hurting because I am constantly lifting a car seat, stroller, heavy diaper bags, groceries, and a baby so the last thing I need to more back strain. The Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal is so lightweight I’ve been known to juggle a baby AND vacuum at the same time -brushes shoulders off-. Not to mention carrying a beast of a vacuum up any flight of stairs isn’t fun. I can move from floor to floor in my home without a single peep from my back.

Easy to Empty Bin
Am I the only one who gags at the thought of emptying a vacuum bag or bin? The “point and shoot” feature for emptying the bin on the Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal is truly wonderful.

All the Attachable Accessories
It comes with all the attachable accessories. 7 to be exact (including charger and docking port). You can easily attach and detach different heads to your vacuum for different jobs. My favorites are the crevice tool for baseboards and hard to reach corners and the Mini Motorized tool which, is perfect for the car ( I LOVE THAT I CAN VACUUM MY CAR), and those pesky stairs that I keep mentioning.

Of course, to be fair, there are only a couple of things I wish were different on this vacuum.

The Charge Could Be Better
There are 3 different power modes. 1, 2, and Boost. Of course, I love using the boost setting to get the satisfying deep clean I need. Unfortunately, if I do my entire downstairs in this setting (my home isn’t large), the battery drains pretty quick. It does recharge fast, I have to say, but I wish it lasted longer while I was cleaning.

The Bin Could Hold More
There is a MAX line to show you when it’s time to empty the bin. Like I mentioned before, I have a dog that sheds so, it can fill up fast. It’s really not a big deal because it is so easy to empty, but it would be that much more convenient if the bin was larger. I know they have come out with a newer model (Dyson V11 Outsize) that solves this issue so, that version would be worth looking into if you feel you will have the same issue or have a larger home.

All in all, I would definitely recommend the Dyson to my family and friends. The value is there in convenience alone and it definitely has the power you’re looking for.

I will leave you with this thought: If you clean a vacuum, do you become a vacuum cleaner?

k, signing out now.

2 thoughts on “Product Review: Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal”

  1. I really enjoyed this blog. I’ve been thinking about getting a new vacuum and was checking out this same model. Thanks for the great review!!
    It didn’t suck.

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