How I Manifested Meeting Maroon 5

How powerful is it to know our thoughts become our reality?

So, how did I even start believing in the power of me? I really have my mom to thank for it. She began reading the book The Secret. The Secret book is the perfect place to start learning about manifestation and the universe if you’re curious. After reading the book, my mom taught me how every thought we think is being put out into the universe and therefore coming back to us.

I was so intrigued by it all and wanted to give it a try. What did I have to lose?

The first thing I ever manifested was winning a radio contest to meet the band Maroon 5. I was a DIE HARD Maroon 5 fan in high school. I still don’t mind their music today, but high school Kat was smitten. When I heard on a local radio station they were going to be live in-studio and there was a contest to meet the band, I knew it was mine to win.

The contest was simple: text the word “Maroon” to the automated line. You would receive a text back with confirmation of entry. I was allowed to enter as many times as I could. I began manifesting winning this contest the moment I heard about it. In my mind, I already won. I was meeting Maroon 5. I told everyone and anyone about this contest and how “I am meeting Maroon 5.” Each time I sent the text with the word Maroon I pictured answering the phone with the radio personality on the other end telling me I had won. I envisioned how I would feel, how excited I would be. I pictured telling my parents and friends that I had won and allowed myself to feel how excited I would feel when I got that phone call.

I also envisioned what the day would look like. I even imagined how the studio would smell like electricity and professional audio equipment. I know I sound completely insane but each detail I went over in my head brought me closer to it. Every piece of when I won was planned in my head and each time I spoke of it and sent an entry in, I brought it to me. I felt it in my bone’s this was mine and I had already won.

Fast forward to the phone call. An area code 401 number came across my pink chocolate phone. Ah, the phone call I had been waiting for! And it really was it. The radio station employee on the other end of the phone told me I had won. I was chosen with 4 others to meet Maroon 5. I was stunned. I had put so much effort into manifesting this and it happened! I hadn’t allowed myself to feel any doubt during the whole process that some doubt actually crept in when I was told I won! If I remember correctly, even my mom and close friends thought maybe someone was pranking me since I literally told everyone I was meeting them.

I was allowed one guest (brought my bestie, duh). We were able to have lunch and meet Adam Levine and the band’s guitarist, James Valentine. Once we met them, and I made a STUPID comment about how soft Adam’s (first name basis we’re basically best friends) sweater was, we were off to the studio for them to serenade us. SWOON. My best friend and I requested our favorite song and he sang it JUST FOR US.

From this point on, I’ve been manifesting all of my needs and wants. A parking spot close to the store on a rainy day? No problem. The perfect dog for our family that has the personality of a human? Insert Guapo. SHRINKING AN INCURABLE TUMOR? Check.

I needed the reminder today about how much I’ve already manifested and whatever I want is already mine. I hope this can serve as a reminder for you too. It’s already yours. It may be something as small as a parking space or something as grand as meeting your celebrity crush. You just have to believe.

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