First Time Momma Must-Haves

Am I the only one who completely put off doing their baby registry? I knew nothing about newborn care and didn’t know what I would definitely need and what was just a money grab. It was all so overwhelming especially when I had just grasped the concept that I was really going to be a mom.

Thank God for some of my good mom friends who helped me (one even set a list up for me in Amazon of must-haves to make it less overwhelming. Thanks, Melanie!). What they say is true it does take a village to raise a child, and it starts the second you are pregnant. While I am still no expert in newborn care, I do know I couldn’t live without a couple of things. It may vary for you, but when I was looking to build my registry of useful product’s any type of list was helpful.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed too, here is a shortlist of first-time momma must-haves

  1. Boppy

The Boppy was such a key factor in getting comfortable while breastfeeding. YOUR comfort has to be a top priority when you and your baby are learning to breastfeed. This propped our son up comfortably and safely, which allowed me to relax and be comfortable. Not to mention, as he gets older, I’m able to use the Boppy for tummy time to feed him propped up and once he can sit on his own, he can use it for support. I love a purchase that continues to be useful through the stages of a child’s life. Everyone in our house from my husband to the dog loves it (though we discourage too much puppy lovin). GET YOU A BOPPY.

NOT what the Boppy is meant for but this is how loved this thing is.

2. Baby Bjorn Bouncer

This. thing. was. a. life. saver. ESPECIALLY in the first days, we brought Ollie home. Every time we put him in his Baby Bjorn bouncer and bounced him, he would immediately stop crying and fall asleep. This is also another product that can grow with the baby. Once he is about 2 years old we can remove and reverse the seat and he can use it as a chair. It’s also super lightweight and compact, making the trip to Grandma’s is always an option if needed. Now that he is a little older and tends to get bored more quickly, the attachable wooden toy is another item we loved. It is a little on the pricey side but he loves to make the flowers spin and push the toys from side to side. It was worth the price and it’s never too early to work on those motor skills!

He loves his bouncer.

3. Haakaa

This little device is a breast milk lifesaver. While baby is feeding on one side, you attach the Haakaa to the opposite side. It collects whatever is leaking from the breast that isn’t being used to nurse. Breast milk is liquid gold and you do not want to waste a drop of it. The Haaka ensures you don’t by catching it to use in your next feeding.

4. Hatch Sound Machine

I was skeptical about putting this on my registry and assumed it was just a money grab item but, it is not! The Hatch is perfect for multiple things. Right now, Ollie still sleeps in a bassinet in our room, so the Hatch is perfect as a dull nightlight. When he would wake us up every couple of hours and I had to nurse, it would have been impossible to see, but with the Hatch on low, I could do what I needed to and get us all back to sleep fast. The light can be turned up high or dimmed so you’re not slapping on bright lights in the middle of the night. You can also turn on sounds to calm and soothe your baby. I love the customized option that allows you to choose the color of the light, the song or sound, and the volume. You can also control it with the app on your phone. Convenient and effective. A mother’s dream.

5. Car Seat Cover

Car seat covers are everything! I honestly picked a couple out because I liked the print and had no idea how practical they are. On a cold or rainy day. you just pop one right over the car seat and the baby is protected from the outside elements. It’s even come in handy while we are on walks and the wind picks up or the sun is in his face. This is another multi-use product as it can also be used as a nursing cover-up, a high chair cover, and shopping carts!

6. Freshly Picked Diaper Bag

Gone are the days of those giant, ugly, shoulder diaper bags. I am in love with our Freshly Picked diaper bag. It is so convenient in that it is a backpack (hands-free is life when you’re first trying to navigate leaving the house with baby), but also stylish and, I don’t feel like I’m sacrificing my purse. The inside is huge and comes with a changing pad along with compartments for everything you need for baby and more! The quality of the bag is superb as well, I highly recommend it.

It even looks great on husbands!

There are a few of my favorites! What helped get you through your first couple of months with a new baby? Let me know I love hearing about new products!

Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

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