A Very Covid Christmas

Is it just me, or does this year’s holiday season seem … lame? I know it’s because we are going through a pandemic, but after Thanksgiving felt underwhelming, I’m determined to make Christmas feel better.

Here are some ways we can all have a safe, feel-good Christmas season during Covid.

Drive-Thru Lights

Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA, is doing a drive-thru light display this year! I was lucky enough to score some tickets before they sold out. My husband, the baby, and I will make a whole night of it, blasting Christmas music and spending some quality time together. If you don’t have this option, use your neighborhood or surrounding towns. It’s so fun to see how some dedicated neighbors take it to the next level.

Follow Through with Christmas Cards

I swear we say we will do them every year and, every year they get forgotten about in the hustle and bustle. Since we have no choice but to slow our jolly roll down and it will be Oliver’s 1st Christmas, there is no time like the present. Not to mention how cute will it be to dress Oliver and Guapo up and take photos? We still don’t have a family picture so, maybe we can use this as an excuse to take one.

We actually did cards just once and this was the picture we used. SO WORTH IT.

Donate to Local Charities

So many families go without every year at Christmas time. The best thing to do in the holiday season is to give back. Donations don’t have to come in the form of cash, either. Animal shelters are always looking for supplies while local churches and food pantries are taking canned goods. A quick Google search of local shelters in need can lead you in the right direction if you’re having a hard time locating one.

Decorate Your Home Inside and Out

This year, my husband brought home quite an eyesore of a Santa decoration, then PUT IT ON OUR ROOF. I won’t lie I was not super thrilled about it. I have to say, each time we pull into our driveway it makes me crack up. I guess its purpose has been served. Get a little out of your comfort zone this year. You don’t know who will get a kick out of your decorations. Light it up!

The best/worst part is: it lights up.

Bake a New Cookie Recipe & Deliver it to Loved Ones

I am not much of a baker I have to admit. I’m still working on my cooking skills and baking makes me nervous about how precise you have to be. But, we all have nothing but time these days so, why the heck not bake some Christmas cookies? I’ve been eyeing the hot chocolate peppermint cookies below for years and, I’m thinking, this year is the perfect year to give it a go! Hot cocoa bombs are a huge trend right now too and don’t seem difficult to make. Wrap up some goodies and leave them on the doorstep of family and friends to spread some holiday goodness (I would probably eat all mine before I got to this step).

Photo courtesy of Cooking Classy. Link above.

Well, now it’s time to get out there and spread some cheer. 6ft apart.

I hope you can still find magic this year and remember, circumstances are what we make them! Happy Holidays!

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