Why Things Look a Little Different

If you’ve been here since the beginning of my page and blog, you may have noticed things look a little different. I hate change. I am a person who seeks comfort, and once I’ve found it, I stay put. But to be honest, things have changed with my tumor so, it’s time this space follows suit.

Hear me out.

When I started my blog, I was seeking an outlet to learn and share all about Desmoid Fibromatosis. I think I did that for quite a while. Then, I started to shrink my tumor and I realized my content surrounding the disease became dismal. I watched others on my newsfeed live with this disease on such a grander scale that I realized, with a grateful heart, that I am just a crappy Desmoid patient.

I had set out to shrink my tumor and rid myself of the pains of this disease, and I have done that. I, quite literally, can’t even feel my tumor anymore. This is a huge change from when it was once so protruding I couldn’t even sleep on my side comfortably. When you’re manifesting something in your life, you need to act as if you are already at your goal. You should show gratitude as if you already have everything you are manifesting. Staring at my page that said I was diagnosed with a Desmoid Tumor was doing the opposite of that. I rid myself of this disease and it was time to shed the layer that was keeping me attached to it.

My journey with my tumor is not over entirely, and my content will continue to have Desmoid information sprinkled in, but I am so much more than my diagnosis.

I want to share life beyond my tumor and write about things that bring me joy.

So, while my blog content will no longer focus solely on my Desmoid tumor, it can now focus on what I’ve been manifesting all along: a life free of this rare disease.

I hope you continue to read my blogs and follow along. I hope you still find encouragement here, learn about things you may not have sought out otherwise. I hope you continue to see similarities in our journeys while our differences continue to strike up conversations.

I’ve never felt happier to switch gears. This new space feels so good to me. I get to write about being a mom, life as a 30 something-year-old, and all the good and bad that comes with that territory. That has always been the goal.

I guess you could even say it feels like I’m finally right at home. 😉

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