Gobble Some Gratitude This Season, Will Ya?!

In hard times, gratitude can be a powerful force. Focusing on the good got me through my diagnosis last year, and it’s been helpful again this year while I’ve been transitioning back to work. Every year, when we celebrate Thanksgiving, I’m always reminded that even in good times, we should be thankful (maybe even more so). It doesn’t hurt that the holiday comes along with some delicious food and desserts, too.

In the hustle and bustle of life, it can be easy to forget to practice gratitude. Should you ever need the reminder, here is a shortlist of a few simple things we should all be grateful for daily:


Ah, the people who know us best. They may be dysfunctional but, they are all yours! If you’re lucky enough to have a strong family bond, you’re lucky enough.

Good Friends

Not easy to come by, but when you’ve found your people, everything is easier to get through with them. I swear a long walk and a good talk with a great friend is free therapy.

Fresh Air

I swear it’s a cure-all. Whether you prefer your fresh air in the mountains or by the sea, there are healing properties in a deep breath and some quiet time.

My favorite air is salt air.


What’s not to love about sleeping in, getting outside, or just doing whatever it is you want to do? Don’t forget, the weekend doesn’t have to be limited to Saturday and Sunday. Any days that are dedicated to doing things outside of your career count!

Furry Friends

If you have a pet, you get it. Animals are the best listeners, are always happy to see you at the end of a long day away plus, their love is unconditional. They are part of the family.

We joke that our dog is our first born son.


If you are lucky enough to be in great health, that right there is something to celebrate daily. If you find yourself in a less than ideal situation with your health, the ability to receive care is something you can focus on to make the days easier.


It doesn’t matter if it comes from a spouse, family member, or friend. Feeling loved is one of the greatest feelings out there.

To wrap up my list, I have to say I am so grateful for YOU. Whoever you are, for taking the time to read my blog. I was so scared to ever start a blog, then to make it public. I know we all have little time in the day to do what we want, so you taking the time to read my words means so much to me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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