A Letter to a Growing Love

Well, baby, we found out you will enter our world in August on Christmas. What an appropriate time as you will soon learn your Dad is all about the holidays. I know when we found out that you were coming you didn’t have ears but I promise the happy tears between us both were plentiful.

I won’t lie though, baby, I am a little scared. It’s been just me and Dad (and Guapo who I know you’re going to love so much) for so long. We have gotten used to life as we know it and I know you are going to be a big change for us. One of the best changes we can imagine, but a change none the less. We are ready for it. We are so ready for you.

You’re coming into a huge family that is built on love and laughter. Every holiday we enjoy packed tables and houses full of love. In the Summer we are going to love escaping to the beach and spending our days soaking up the sunshine and splashing in the water. Winter isn’t my favorite but cozy warm nights at home snuggling Guapo will definitely win you over.

I can’t wait to share all the things this world has to offer with you. You have the greatest love surrounding you and you will never have to go through anything alone. Your grandparents are so excited to meet you, both sets! Your Portuguese heritage is so cool and I can’t wait to watch you learn more about it and learn the language. Your dad still impresses me with his bilingual skills but, lets not tell him I said that ;).

We are so lucky, baby, because we live so close to a park! We are going to go for so many long walks. We will listen to the sounds of the busy city we live in, the breeze, the birds in the trees and the colors of the sky with Guapo by our side, of course. When you’re old enough there is a BIG TOY that I know you’re going to just love to run all over. Jump, scream, explore and learn. This world has so so much to offer you and you’re just at the beginning. HOW EXCITING.

I’m scared and excited. I know we’re going to make a great team, us 4. We will all learn and grow together – something me and your dad have mastered. For now, take your time in there and grow strong. When you’re ready we will be here with open arms and hearts. You making your grand entrance is going to change our world, everyone’s world.

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