A Blog About Nothing

I really would love to blog regularly. When I created my Instagram page and my blog, I had imagined posting frequently. I wanted to create content based off my condition multiple times a week. I would have endless ideas and beautiful, meaningful, transparent topics.

But, I am healing. The best part about healing (aside from ridding your body of something terrible) is that the symptoms disappear. The doctors visit become less frequent, the MRI’s are far and few between and the every day struggles I once felt are gone.

So, this blog post, while it may not be beautifully meaningful and transparent about my tumor it will be beautifully meaningful and transparent about absolutely nothing in particular.

In the time that I have not been blogging regularly, I’ve just been working and spending time with my family and Guapo, of course. Living for the weekends (save the schpeal on how I shouldn’t do that, I work a M-F 8-5, TRUST ME, you live for the weekends) and trying to soak up any and all warmer (not that warm) days we have.


Life is moving on just the way I expect it to when you’re lucky enough to be perfectly healthy.

I recently started the journey of freelance blog writing. It was really scary for me to put myself out there and blog for companies, but I am so glad I did it! I get to write about marketing, mostly, which is something I love to learn about and preach about. I’m proud of myself for doing it and the extra cash is definitely a positive!

I also have so many Spring projects I want to get done at our home. We have definitely been lacking in the “landscape” department so this year I am hoping we can focus on the exterior of our home. It’s crazy what a fresh can of paint can accomplish. I think I’ve done just about all I can do with the inside of our space and I am so happy with how it turned out.


I also can’t wait for warmer weather and longer days in general. We live steps away from a park and after work Chris, Guapo and I love to go for long walks to decompress and talk about our days. It’s certainly not ideal weather to do that in the Winter months so I’m truly looking forward to doing that again.

I will keep blogging along the way but I am so glad I don’t have a lot to write about regarding my Desmoid. That was SO 2019 ;).

Life is perfectly mundane and I am so grateful for it.






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