New Year, Same Mission

I can’t believe we are halfway though the first month of the new year!

Before we know it we are going to be getting ready to celebrate 2021. Time really does fly. My coworker and I were talking about it and its been about 13 years since I graduated high school. 13 years? WHAT?!


I think it’s important I come on here and gather my thoughts about what I want this space, my blog, to be at the beginning of each year.

I am so elated at my recent clearance to now have my MRI’s and oncologist visits every 6 months. Before this, going every 3 months was a lot for my family and me, and emotionally taxing. Beyond those things, knowing I can go every 6 months means progress and getting closer to healing myself of a “chronic” illness. Truth is, the more I heal, the further away I feel from my Desmoid. This is a great thing! I want to feel so far from it that I can’t even feel it physically in my body.

But, my blog was created because of my Desmoid. So, as I heal more and more, things may start to look a little different but the mission of this blog will ALWAYS be the same.

This is always going to be a positive space. Some days are just straight up bad days. I will never hide those days, but I will also always remind myself (and others) it’s just a bad day, not a bad life. This will always be a place for me to come and write down my ideas, experiences and life happenings. Tumor or not, Life isn’t easy and navigating through adulthood sure has its complications. I will never stop sharing my authentic stories and “wtf” moments. This will always be a place for sharing recipes and natural remedies. From fighting off colds to treating things more serious like a tumor, I have fallen so in love with the natural way of doing things. This will always be a place where we can laugh things off and not take ourselves too seriously. I am always going to write of my Desmoid experiences, but my hope is that one day I don’t have much to write about it because it’s gone.


Reflecting on the last year and the birth of this blog, I really think it was the biggest year, growth wise, of my life. I am so grateful for all the lessons and for also finally taking the steps of making my blog public. It was so scary for me to not only make my diagnosis public but also dive into my emotions and thoughts through a public venue. Once you have a tumor, or any health scare for that matter, you get this new sense of bravery that is somewhere in between I DON’T CARE WHAT PEOPLE THINK and LIFE IS TOO DAMN SHORT. I have met some of the most brave, inspiring people through this channel and from all over the world. I am so grateful for the new community of support I’ve come across. They made this journey so much more bearable for me.

The internet can be a scary, dark place but it’s also filled with stories of hope and light. Don’t stop seeking those stories.

So, here we go 2020. It’s going to be a great year filled with more healing, more health and more life lessons. I’m so excited to continue to share with you all while learning more about you!

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