5 Things My Desmoid Tumor Made me Thankful For

You don’t usually hear the word thankful and Desmoid Tumor in the same sentence.

Because of the holiday, I decided to switch that up. There are plenty reasons why I could dislike my Desmoid but:


Thanks for reminding me, girl.

Here are 5 things things my tumor has made me thankful for:

My Support Group – I always knew I had chosen really special, caring people to be around me BUT nothing makes you re-evaluate and appreciate your team like a health scare. My parents have driven us to Boston for each appointment, my husband sits in MRI rooms with me, my friends check in constantly. I am just so grateful for those who have made this journey easier for me.

The Desmoid Tumor Community – Wow. We have some real life heroes walking around among us. I never realized how resilient, brave and strong human beings are until I came into a community of people fighting a rare disease. Beyond fighting their own battles so elegantly, they have everyone else’s back too. The second I need to feel less alone I sign in to Instagram or Facebook and I am reminded by (who were once) complete strangers that I am not alone. What an incredible feeling.

Amazing Doctor’s – I had to deal with some not so amazing doctors at the beginning of my journey with my Desmoid. It was scary, awful and confusing. Not to mention dangerous. The second I stepped into Brigham & Women’s and Dana Farber in Boston, Ma all those feelings went away. I am blessed to be able to travel an hour up the road and meet with world class doctors who make me understand everything that is going on inside my own body and have an understanding of such a rare condition.


My Actual Tumor – The fact that my tumor is treatable and not terminal or cancer makes me grateful every single day and appreciate life on another level. This could have easily been a very different prognosis and I feel so blessed every single day to have the diagnosis I have. Every time I sit in the waiting room at Dana Farber Cancer Institute I am completely humbled. Almost to tears each time. Life is so precious and can change for any of us at any second. NEVER take that for granted. If you are able to wake up each day you are already more fortunate than most.

The Lesson This Has Taught Me – I am not the same person I was before my diagnosis. Things appear so differently to me. I have my days where old me creeps in but for the most part, this diagnosis has changed me for the better. From being more aware of what I put in my body to the way I appreciate the people and things I love more. I needed a wake up call and I’m hearing it loud and clear.

The truth is, I’ve always been a grateful person. It was never lost on me how blessed I am to have the family and friends I do. I knew there were people out there battling things I couldn’t fathom. But I learned the lesson that none of us are invincible or an exception to things that can derail us. I love Thanksgiving for giving me a reason to reflect, spend time with family and … wear stretchy pants so I can eat as much as I want.

Pug Turkey



2 thoughts on “5 Things My Desmoid Tumor Made me Thankful For”

  1. HI! This is Eva from Spain. And I so agree with you. I was diasnoticated on november last year.
    And my tumor makes me grateful ever single day. And I live more intensity every moment.
    Thanks for u worda are really true.



    1. Hi Eva! Thanks so much for reading my blog! It is so much easier for me to live with gratitude since my tumor. I am so glad you can relate. I hope your journey is going well!


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