We Got Married in a Hurricane

To all of my family and friends reading this post, you know this title is not an exaggeration whatsoever. You also either lived through it with us or have heard our story a million times and laughed to yourself every weekend in October when the weather is “perfect for a wedding.”

October 9th is our anniversary. A day that really was going to prepare us for life ahead as a married couple.

It quite literally looked like this as our guests tried to get out to our tent:


If I had a nickle for every time someone said to me “rain on your wedding day is good luck!” I’d be a millionaire. Also, SPOILER ALERT, that is not the case. That is very much so something someone who had a beautiful wedding day says to a bride, who is upset, to make her feel better.

I think this hurricane was really preparing us for the storms that would come our way during our marriage, to be honest.

It took two years for us to plan our big day. We viewed a lot of venues and tasted some pretty good food, but a wedding near the water felt most like “us”.

Our actual ceremony was in a beautiful old church which was the quickest and driest part of our day. Once we got to our reception things only got worse. The tent was blowing so badly the company had to stay to physically hold it down, our guests had water up to their ankles as they ate dinner and my bridesmaids were given table cloths to use as shawls to avoid the cold. I’m not going to lie during out first dance I said to my husband “why is this happening to us?” which is such a good representation of the person I used to be.

first dance
Our First dance.

I’m not going to act like we handled it awfully, because we didn’t. We remained calm when the lead singer of our band ate shellfish (even though he was allergic) and again when they said they had to wrap up the wedding early due to sparking wires because of the rain. We put on our bravest faces and enjoyed the night while the wind howled and our guests froze.

We’ve been pros at navigating storms ever since. Each time, we come out a little ragged, and little tired but mostly grateful that we are stronger then when we entered. Our wedding wasn’t perfect. Life isn’t perfect. If you can’t handle the bad with grace and find things to be grateful for you’ll never make it out alive. I am so grateful we were able to have a beautiful wedding. I felt love from all sides of that wind blown, soggy tent. People showed up for us regardless of the weather and they had fun with us. The flowers were beautiful, the band was wonderful (while they could actually play) and we still wish we could have a plate of food from that night every month.

When I think of our wedding I am reminded that it was the night, with some help from our closest family and friends, we learned to dance through the storm. For that alone, I will always be fond of the night we became husband and wife under some seriously stormy skies.

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