My Week in Review: Passion, people

Sundays are bittersweet.

They’re for rest and getting things in order for the week ahead, in our home. The weekend has come to an end and we are about to begin another work week. I love the routine Monday through Friday brings, but weekends go by so quickly. In between cleaning my house and putting off grocery shopping I started thinking about how my week prior was.

I was in Boston for a marketing conference, Inbound. I love this particular week of the year because this conference is packed with marketing experts, celebrity spotlight speakers and this year, 26,000 like minded marketers who were eager to learn in the same way I was.


Every year, this conference reminds me of a couple of things that get lost on me in the mundane 8-5, M-F schedule I am in. The first thing it reminded me of is how much I love my career, and how lucky I am to be doing something I love. The first session I attended I learned how to market on digital channels from a man who began his business in a small Panera Bread in his hometown because of the free wifi and soda refills and went on to sell that same company for 150 million dollars years later. HOW COOL IS THAT?

Beyond being reminded of how lucky I am to be doing something I love, it’s so inspiring to hear stories of people who didn’t give up and truly followed their passion. The spotlight speakers had one thing in common, they all followed their passion in life and it lead them to being wildly successful. Being celebrities themselves, there was some skepticism from me about what they could really teach us but here’s what I took away from their sessions.

John Foraker & Jennifer Garner – Once Upon a Farm

John and Jennifer were so relatable and fun to learn from. I had no idea they had began a company based on organic food for babies & children (I don’t have children so I wouldn’t necessarily know of them). Of course, with my new lifestyle change, I found this EXTREMELY important. It’s crucial to our health to learn exactly what is going into our food and especially to learn it at a young age. Jennifer Garner grew up on a farm and her parent’s farm is now producing all the fresh ingredients for her company. Such a cool concept and especially charming that her whole family is involved (down to her uncle who quit his life long plumbing career to farm for the company). Their mission is to get fresh, organic food to all babies and children in all countries, of all social status’s. John Foraker is amazing as well, making this team unstoppable. He is the former CEO of Annie’s Homegrown and his passion has been whole, organic foods for a very long time. He said a quote that really stuck with me about when he first started researching fresh baby food. “When I went into a grocery store I was able to find 16 different brands of fresh dog food but not one fresh baby food .. what was up with that?” It really was eye opening.

Chip & Joanna Gaines – Magnolia

We all know them, we all love them and I was especially delighted to see that the people they are on TV is exactly who they are in real life as well. Chip and Joanna started their company Magnolia after their HGTV hit series FixerUpper took over families TV’s like wildfire. What was most admirable about their interview was their genuine manner. They spoke so perfectly about how important passion is. It was so interesting to me that Joanna started by blogging as “Magnolia Mom” and just her family followed her posts. They really reminded me to keep chipping (no pun intended) away at doing what I love and one day it will all pay off. As Chip reminded us all, REALLY, TRULY, DO NOT GIVE UP, especially on something you feel strongly about.

This week was the perfect match to the fire I needed to re-light. I had so much fun and really feel blessed to be living the life I do. This is my passion, writing about my experience with both healing my Desmoid Tumor and just navigating life at 30 years old in general.

SO. While Sunday is bittersweet, I am ready for you Monday. Monday is just one step closer to my main goal.

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