Let’s Talk: Motivation vs. Commitment

I am in the 6th month of my diagnosis and more importantly month 6th of healing myself with a major lifestyle change (time flies when you’re having fun). For 6th months I have flipped the script on what I knew for 29 years of my life and unlearned a lot of which I was taught while also gaining knowledge in a lot of things I hadn’t known. If you haven’t been following along, I am attempting to shrink my tumor to nothing, on my own, with no western medicine by going plant based along with other practices.

Every now and then, when I speak with my friends who have known me most of my life they make comments like ” I don’t know how you do it!” and honestly, it got me thinking of just that. How do I do it? How the heck do I avoid that juicy cheeseburger on the grill at a summer cookout, or those spicy buffalo chicken tenders I love SO DANG MUCH. How do I stop myself for the melty cheese on those nachos? (dang, I really love food).

At first I used to say I was motivated by my tumor to avoid those things. What’s greater motivation than this uncomfortable, hard as a rock ball on my rib cage? All I would have to do is just feel it or attempt to lay on my stomach at night and I would be reminded why I need to avoid those foods. I would think about how motivated I was to cure myself and to feel my best to heal my body.  BUT .. the funny thing about motivation, though, is that it’s wavering.


I was finding it harder and harder to not crave the things that I knew I shouldn’t indulge in. I would be aggravated that I couldn’t have grilled chicken on top of my salad or if there was cheese in a recipe, I had to avoid it. It was moments like those when I felt my motivation falter. Some days it seemed especially hard to not eat meats or cheese’s because I didn’t have any kind of allergy to these foods and I won’t have an immediate reaction or immediate pain if I did. I’m doing this to see long term goals obtained (no more tumor) and to be able to stop my regular MRI’s and frequent visits to my oncologist.

That’s where my best friend, commitment, came into play. I’ve learned that motivation is like a good friend while commitment is a BEST FRIEND. When motivation is busy or can’t make it out to support you, commitment makes time to be there for you.


Because I’ve committed myself to healing, to curing myself of this down right annoying diagnosis I will succeed. Commitment doesn’t falter, sticking to something you have committed to speaks to your character and your integrity, motivation is simply a feeling. Motivation can be with you one day and far gone the next.


So, how do I do this? I am committed. I am committed to myself, to making sure this is just a chapter in my book and not the whole damn book. I wake up each day committed to my lifestyle change and, every now and then, when I miss my old friend, I sprinkle some motivation in there too.

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