Review: Plant City PVD Bar Verde

Ugh, you guys.

Plant City PVD. This place is AMAZING! It is a vegan marketplace (how cool) and basically a dream come true for a girl like me who feels super new to the plant based world. My husband made dinner reservations for me, himself and two of my best girlfriends for my birthday. He knew how badly I wanted to try it and I’m sure a small part of him wanted me to STOP talking about how badly I wanted to go there.

This massive building is nestled in the beautiful city of Providence, RI and is easily accessed from the highway. Finding parking in Providence is never easy so you can imagine how thrilled we were to notice they offer complimentary valet! The building has seating outside with charming string lights, great big umbrellas and hip, inviting seating. We will certainly be back to take advantage of this space when the temps cool down a bit (I’m a wimp in the heat).


There are different dining options within the marketplace and the one we had reservations at was Bar Verde. As explained on their website, Bar Verde is “plant based dining manifested through Bar Verde’s portrayal of Mexican-and Latin-inspired cuisine using fresh, local ingredients.” Reading that made me hungry all over again.

When we first walked inside we were super impressed with the bustling business inside. Straight ahead was a bar with modern chandeliers and exposed brick walls. This is their casual dining selection, New Burger. To our right was their coffee bar and marketplace which is host to vegan products that are not easy to come by at your local grocers.


We walked upstairs to Bar Verde and were seated promptly. We were so excited to look over the menu and even the cocktails had the freshest of ingredients. Our server was very friendly and excited that we had never been there before.

The menu is small but offers anything you could want on a Mexican-Latin inspired menu so you don’t feel as though there isn’t enough to choose from or that you wish there was more.

Our appetizer was the Hearts of Palm Ceviche – King Oyster Mushroom, Avacado, South American Corn, Leche De Tigre and Chipotle Oil. This dish was super light and the ingredients were so fresh, you could taste it. The Leche De Tigre was a citrus DREAM and it was the perfect appetizer for a summer night.


My meal was the Cremini Mushroom + Caramelized Onion Quesadilla – Epazote, spicy cashew cheese, pico de gallo, salsa verde. THE BEST QUESADILLA IVE EVER HAD. If you’re a mushroom lover this one is for you. The mushrooms paired so brilliantly with the caramelized onions. The pico de gallo was so fresh and the spicy cashew cheese added the perfect creamy consistency. I would order this again and again.


My husband enjoyed the BV Burrito which is rice, refried beans, guacamole, lettuce, salsa fresca, cashew crema, mole, salsa. One of my friends had the Spicy Cauliflower Enchiladas which had black beans, butternut queso, salsa verde and pepitas while the other enjoyed the Fajita Bowl which was packed with butternut queso fundito, jackfruit, jasmine rice, corn, pico de gallo, jalapeno, beans and red pepper.


Our dessert was Churros with melted chocolate and I wish I was quick enough to take a photo but they were gone before I even had the chance. A true ode to how delicious they were.

Everything was fairly priced and the atmosphere was relaxed but offered a great dining experience.

I absolutely recommend this restaurant and we will be returning. We can’t wait to explore the space more and try each venue this space has to offer. Not to mention, they host events like cooking classes in the lower level of the building that teach you how to begin a plant based lifestyle! SO COOL.

Definitely check them out if you are in the Providence, RI area.




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