A Letter to My 20’s.

A letter to my 20’s:

Dear Twentie’s,

Wow. Where do I even begin? I was so excited to finally be able to bear the “20 something” age. I counted down the days until I was 20, but admittedly, I counted down the days to 21 with much more excitement. I went out and made memories with my friends. I danced, I laughed, I cried, I wore high heels a lot (!!). I made cringe worthy decisions, I moved in with one of my best friends in a tiny beach house and created memories we will never forget. I stumbled upon a career in marketing that I am eternally grateful for because I truly love it and had no idea it was even something I could do! I traveled a lot and saw a lot of places through young eyes. I made some new friends that I can’t imagine my life without now. I closed the door to my childhood home for the last time and I welcomed 2 nephews who are still, to this day, the cutest sidekicks a girl could ask for and certainly give me a run for my money. I graduated college and got my BA! I attended friends weddings, saw them start their families and watched the people I love most grow into the amazing adults they are today. I learned a lot of lessons that seemed big at the time but truly were just life experiences.

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I moved in with Chris and we shared our first apartment. We got engaged and eventually married. We bought our first house (something I am still so proud of and love so much)! We welcomed the love of our lives, Guapo, into our family and learned, together, how to keep something alive and healthy aside from plants, which, to this day we are still terrible at. We watched my parents make one of their greatest dreams of owning a vacation home a reality and again when my dad retired young enough to enjoy retirement. We suffered heartbreak and loss and said goodbye to important family members and friends that we miss terribly to this day. We learned how to navigate the rockiest of seas (and I use that term loosely) and came back as a team, stronger than ever. We also began this very important, traumatic, growing experience of my Desmoid Diagnosis. I’ll tell you, there’s nothing like a possible cancer diagnosis to make you reevaluate E V E R Y T H I N G.



But you, my twenties, will ALWAYS hold such a near and dear place in my heart. Of all the laughs I’ve laughed and all the cries I’ve cried, each time I was scared or stressed or feeling growing pains, each lesson has turned me into the strong, resilient woman I am today. Sure, I wish some of the lessons you threw at me were a bit less harsh and I definitely wonder where all my money went once I turned 21 (just kidding I know exactly where it went) but damn, twenties, you were good to me.

Thank you. Thank you for building me into a woman who is not only ready to turn 30 but who is SO DAMN GRATEFUL to be able to say that tomorrow, I turn 30.  A healthy, happy, grateful 30 years old.

Thirty, You’ve got some big shoes to fill but I have a feeling you’re up for the job.

Eternally Grateful,



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