Now Back To Your Normally Scheduled Blogging …

Well, hello strangers!

I have to admit, I have been TERRIBLE at keeping up with my blog this Summer. Between the gorgeous weather, the 4th of July holiday and my impromptu vacation, I have completely let my blog fall by the wayside and that’s not cool. Not only do I LOVE sharing and learning on this platform but I love writing and find it very therapeutic. So, I promise, to not only the people who read my blog, but to myself, that I am going to get back into regularly scheduled posts.

My husband and I had a fairly impromptu vacation last week to our favorite place, Martha’s Vineyard. It was such a wonderful week with laughing, sunshine and exploring and to be honest I am SO sad it is over. BUT if this experience has taught me anything it’s that I need to be grateful for EVERY SINGLE DAY so I feel gratitude for the ability to not only vacation healthily, but come back to work healthily.


This was the first trip I took with my new lifestyle change implemented. We are fortunate enough to stay in a home that allows us to pack our own food and make as many (or as little) meals as we’d like. So when we were calculating our menu for the week I had all the best intentions and truly set myself up for success. I have to admit, however, that just like my blog, I did tend to get a little lazy and sometimes opted to indulge instead of choosing the healthy route. And you know what? THAT’S OK. I, of course, still refrained from eating any meat and watched my dairy intake but a few times  over the course of the week I chose to enjoy and live in the moment. I am glad I did. Not that food or drinks make a trip but sometimes you have to loosen your white knuckle grip on whatever aspect of your life you are strict about and simply, enjoy.

The best part about my vacation, though, was that I completely forgot about my Desmoid. I didn’t feel it, didn’t have any pain and truly forgot I was living with a tumor! How amazing is that? From March of last year on, my life has been flipped upside down and last week I was able to just forget it was even a thing I am dealing with. It didn’t even linger in the back of my mind once.

It’s magical what your favorite place, favorite people and some down time can do for your mind body and soul. Here are some pics from our trip, that of course, included Guapo. How could it not!?

Have a great week and we will talk soon, I PROMISE!

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