Tips For Making a Lifestyle Change

It’s not easy when you suddenly change up the way you have been doing things your entire life. Since I was young I always ate meats and consumed dairies. I never really lived an organic lifestyle or put thought into what I was putting on or in my body.

Recently, having changed my entire lifestyle, I compiled a list of things I found helpful when I was making the switch because lets face it, at first there is SO much to learn and it can be a bit overwhelming.

Do Your Research – There is no one change fits all here. If you are going to really commit to changing your lifestyle, no matter what you’re changing it to, know your stuff. Research all the reasons why your change will benefit you and even why it may not. Know the best practices for your lifestyle change and learn your new world inside and out. We are constantly learning and growing so if you don’t understand something dig deep until you do. When you are well versed in something you feel more comfortable with it and it will ultimately make the transition easier.


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Ask for Support from Those Closest To You – When you are first changing up your lifestyle you have to be transparent with everyone you are close with. I was able to share my plan with my close family and friends and let them know how important it was to me that  I stuck to my new eating habits for my health. Especially with summer being here and BBQ invitations galore, this was one of the most important steps. Once I explained my plan of action to stop eating meat and dairy, everyone was so on board. So much so, that they even started to ask me what they could have at the party that was something I could have and enjoy. Making your lifestyle change a secret only makes it harder for you and those around you to understand.

Stick to Your Guns – Being open about what you’re going through and what your plan is can also lead to a lot of opinions. Some will say they heard the route your’re going isn’t beneficial, while others will be so happy for you. What helped me most was believing so whole heartedly in what I was doing that even the greatest skeptic couldn’t make me waive my views on what I was doing. You are doing what is best for you and that is most important. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t suit someone else’s agenda.

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Consistency is Key – If you are committing to making the change, make it consistent. For me, there were days I just wanted to indulge in cheese and crackers, or have a steak tip dinner but I knew that it wasn’t best for me and my healing process. I got through the cravings and the detoxing (sorry to my husband for the grumpy moods) and when I came out on the other side I felt A M A Z I N G. Nothing is going to change if you don’t remain consistent with your change.

Plan it Out, Write it Down, Get Organized – Whether you are changing up your whole diet or simply making time to get work outs in when you normally couldn’t .. plant it out and write it down. If you are able to meal plan and research recipes your success will be so much greater. You will be able to grocery shop appropriately and make recipes that will be satisfying and it will make sticking to the change easier. Getting organized makes a world of difference too. I make sure to sort out all my supplements for the week in those nifty pill sorters to make sure they are easy to access as I am running out of the door. Organization and preparation sets you up for success.

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Let me know if you have any additional tips and tricks! I love hearing more about how people went about changing their lives for the better!

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