Product Review: Myro Plant Based Deodorant

It’s so important to be aware of the ingredients in our products. Especially when we use them frequently. For years now, I’ve been hearing about how bad deodorant can be for women and how its key ingredient, aluminum, has been known to cause breast cancer. As I’ve explained, shamefully, in the past, I always heard these warnings but never did anything to avoid using them. After my diagnosis all that changed.

I stumbled across the company Myro and began my research. Their mission is simple, as stated on their website, to help “take care of people and their bodies as well as the world we live in.” I immediately loved the idea of this deodorant ESPECIALLY because it is plant powered and has 0 toxic properties.

“A harder-working formula with fewer ingredients than other deodorants. Vegan. Gluten, soy and mineral oil free. Aloe based for a soothing, comfortable glide. With bacteria-neutralizing citrus, probiotics and sage to keep you smelling great, and natural cornstarch to keep you dry.”


Above photo from Myro wesbite


It is also subscription based so, you choose your frequency and you will receive the refillable pods right to your doorstep! Very convenient.

I had a coupon code for my first order so it only came out to a grand total of $5 to try. I have to say, it did take a little while (6 days) for it to come in the mail, but I am an Amazon Prime girl so I think this has tainted my expectations a bit.

The ordering process was really simple and to be honest, fun!

FIRST – You get to choose which color you’d like your deodorant to be. I chose a blush/nude color but there are a lot to choose from! Another great way this company has made their product customer centric and customizable.


SECOND – You choose your scent. The scents are described in depth so there’s no guessing if you’ll like it – I found this very important and helpful when buying a scent online. I chose “Chill Wave” which is a combination of cucumber, jasmine and spearmint. There are a few options so take your time and choose the right scent for you.

When my deodorant arrived, I was immediately impressed with the packaging. It also came with a little pin of a fist holding a flower, to be used how you please. Which is a brilliant marketing ploy if I do say so myself.IMG_7169

As you can see above, the instructions of how to insert the pod were clearly laid out as well, leaving 0 guessing as to how to get it in place and started.

I wore the deodorant for about a week before forming my opinion about it. when I first applied it, I immediately noticed how amazing the smell was. So fresh, and clean and exactly as described online. It also applied SO smooth. Much smoother than my other, store bought deodorants. It did dry quickly too which is a major plus when you’re running out the door.

Two particular times of use stand out to me, however. One of which was my MRI, which, was a stress sweat situation and another was when I was in my yard, in the June heat, painting. After each use I did notice I needed to reapply to smell fresh. In these stressful, extreme situations it didn’t last very long.  I was a little bummed at this because with my store bought deodorant was a one apply type of deal. But, the case is so convenient for travel I did have it in my purse and was able to do so.

For daily use it works really well. I am not a particularly “sweaty” person but I didn’t have any instances where I felt I needed to reapply when I was wearing it for everyday life (like at work or running errands).

The truth is, no matter how many time I may have to reapply if I am very hot, the good outweighs the bad with this product. On a health level, it just makes more sense to choose this deodorant than any other. The only inconvenience would be having to reapply but that is a small price to pay to get rid of toxic chemicals.

I recommend this product and applaud this company for working hard to ensure we are all our healthiest. If you try it and hate it, you can return it for a full refund!

If you try it, please let me know what you think.

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