How Quickly We Forget

I am NOT, by any means, an outdoorsy person. In fact, I really resonate with this meme in particular:if-drinking-on-the-front-porch-counts-then-yes-call-45700516I do, however have a best friend who is outdoorsy. We often speak about how we are so opposite and that’s how our friendship works. She tends to get me into situations that are out of my comfort zone or things that I wouldn’t typically be into and I always end up being grateful for the experience, but there is some complaining along the way. This weekend we celebrated her 30th birthday and the more things change the more they stay the same. We celebrated where she currently lives, in Vermont.

My husband and I packed up the car and dog early on Saturday and began our “road trip” to her. It was about 3 hours and 45 min and honestly, I didn’t mind it. I love the time spent with my husband in the car. We are both off our phones, singing and listening to music and talking. Guapo, however, was NOT happy he was restricted by a seat belt in the back seat. SAFETY FIRST!


We got there in time to do the hike she had planned for the others who had come into town to celebrate as well. This hike, completely k i c k e d m y b u t t.

We hiked Sterling Pond in Stowe Vermont. When I first saw the challenge in front of me I was, to be completely honest, not happy. I work out daily, but holy toledo, this experience was humbling. I’ve been trying to explain what it felt like for me and I’ve settled on: it felt like I was on the stair master for 2 hours straight. Not to mention, we had originally assumed we wouldn’t make it in time for the hike so I had Bog rain boots on. If you’ve never seen bogs they are heavy duty rain boots and perfect for rain and light walking but TRUST ME you cannot get your footing or hike comfortably with these puppies on. I do not recommend it.

Somewhere in between my complaining and wishing I were at a day spa instead – it hit me. How lucky I was to be able to move my body well enough to actually have the option to hike.

What the heck was I complaining for? Yes. it was brutal on my body. Yes. my legs were sore and I would have loved to be relaxing instead but had I completely lost sight of the lesson my Desmoid was teaching me? At one point of the hike when I was really over heating one of the girls we were hiking with, that hikes often, suggested I dip my hands in some run off to cool my core down. I think right then and there it really sank in. When my hands were touching the earth with cool fresh water from mountain snow rushing over them – I have nothing to complain about. I was actually grateful.

I was surrounded by my best friends, my husband, my dog (who, by the way, completely BEASTED this climb) in this beautiful space that I would have NEVER normally been in. I was able to be there and that in itself kind of took my breath away.

When we got to the pond, close to the top, it was so idyllic and calm. The perfect place to reflect. We walked a little bit further to get to the top of the mountain. The top was so scenic and we all celebrated that we had accomplished something that pushed us a littler harder than we would have normally been pushed.


I took minimal photos, my phone was with someone else in a backpack but another sign of a good time, not having your phone.


My lesson here was that I can’t get comfortable again with my health. I need to always remember to be grateful that I am able bodied. Even in the most uncomfortable of situations or situations I wouldn’t necessarily choose,  I need to feel grateful every single day that I am able to get up, get dressed and get going.



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