Comparison: The Thief of Joy

I saw a blogger the other day who appeared to have the “perfect” blog. Her days seemed to be spent dedicated to capturing the perfect photo, in the perfect outfit, with the perfect back drop.

I immediately felt like my blog was inadequate. For a few minutes I even thought about stopping my blog because I would never have the time to dedicate to it the way she did while I was working a full time job and had a household to tend to. (I guess I really should have re read my blog on social media and how a stranger, whom we know nothing about, can sway our opinions on our lives; the very lives we are masters of).

Then I remembered why I started this blog. This blog is NOT based on beautiful photos of me in front of wonderful places, it is not based on my trips around the globe or to showcase my Photoshop skills or lack thereof. This blog was created because the information I have learned due to a health issue has made such an impact in my life, I just want to share it.

There is NOTHING wrong with blogs that are created with aesthetic and lifestyle as the backbone .. I love those blogs (and wouldn’t mind some tips if you have any!). It’s so wonderful to experience different corners of the world right from my lap top or learn of new brands and designers that way, but I was comparing apples to oranges.

Every chance I get to sit in a quiet space in my home, and write my feelings and experiences on my blog I get a (free) therapy session. I am able to discuss and share with those of you who read my blog my feelings, my hopes for my health and manifest that one day this will be the greatest story of healing I’ve ever written. This is truly such a happy place for me and because I compared my space to another, for a brief moment, all of those happy, peaceful feelings were lost on me.


I know it can be hard to not make comparisons when we are battling something, whether it is mental or a physical ailment but comparisons will only fog our ability to see the good. There is no point in comparing the card you’ve been dealt to another, and the truth is everyone is battling something on some scale.

We need to stop the comparisons. Our life is special and unique because it is just that – our very own. Your journey may feel tougher than others. The road may be bumpy and full of hard learned lessons but that is OK. You may feel blessed and your road has been smooth sailing and full of wonderful experiences with few hiccups and that is OK. We are all on the right path and we are all living our lives the way we were meant to. Stop comparing apples to oranges and remember the things that make you feel happy and alive. Stay close to those things and leave comparison in the rear view.

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