Heal Documentary

Very few things will come into your life that spark you to change the way you have been living. For me, my diagnosis was that catalyst but there have been a few things that I only stumbled upon because of my diagnosis that continue to change my life. I know its all part of my wake up call.

The Heal Documentary continues to be one of those things I stumbled upon and has forever changed me. the documentary was first suggested to me when I joined my support group on Facebook for those who are going through a similar journey (another great reason for joining support groups – check out my Newly Diagnosed blog for more tips). The documentary was mentioned by another person dealing with the same diagnosis and it immediately grabbed my attention because of the title. Who doesn’t want to heal?

My husband and I watched it that night and life has NEVER been the same since.


Heal Documentary dives deep into how we have the power to heal ourselves, outside of modern medicine. Through this documentary we are able to gain insight from spiritual healers, doctors and wellness coaches. It dives deep into the power of the mind and the root of why we have the ailments that we do. It is packed with information on how everything from what you eat down to the environment you’re surrounded by can have a huge impact on your health and how we all really need to WAKE UP. The documentary discusses the importance of mental health and how stress is taking over our lives.

Mostly, however, it teaches you how to combat those things because it’s NEVER too late to heal yourself.


Photo Courtesy of Heal Documentary via Instagram

What I really enjoyed about the documentary, was that it did touch on modern medicine. How in some cases, it is just completely unavoidable. It does, however, teach you how to deal with that option with a clear, open mind. The documentary follows a couple of patients, one of which had stage 4 cancer and how she dealt with all the chemotherapy that should have ravaged her body, but she didn’t allow to. She is now cancer free.

I could honestly write pages about this documentary and the power of the mind and the universe to heal but I just implore you to watch it. Take the time for yourself and watch it. Make your own judgement call about it and let me know if you found it changed your life too!

If you want to take a look at the preview of the documentary click here. It is available for streaming on Netflix.


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