Social Media Diet

I don’t think you realize how much of your life you are putting out into the world until something personal happens to you that you don’t want to share. Every single aspect of our lives are blasted out onto this forum where hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of people can see, share or interpret it. We check-in at restaurants, we share photos of parties we attend, we even sometimes let our internet friends attend our gender reveals virtually. In today’s world nothing is really sacred anymore and everyone gets a front row seat to the best portions of our lives. People these days almost feel entitled to know everything that is going on with us in our day to day.

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Years ago, if we wanted to connect with someone we would pick up the phone and have a conversation or meet to have a drink or coffee. Now, there is really less need for that as we are constantly updated on everyone’s lives. We have almost gotten to the point where there is absolutely no need to catch up with old friends as we feel we already know whats going on with them.

On a deeper level, take a hard look at your “friends” list. I bet you would not even consider having dinner with half of them. So why are we sharing our lives with them? My rule is this: if I wouldn’t sit across the dinner table from them and tell them this news in person, I am not going to share it on social media.

I got rid of my personal Facebook account about 2  years ago and it was honestly the best thing I’ve ever done and a HUGE part of my healing today. I can’t say I would be able to maintain a positive, happy outlook if I were to be constantly comparing my journey to others. How are we supposed to feel good about our lives, the ups and the downs if we are only seeing the best 5 minutes of someone else’s life.

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My journey right now, my health story is my own. I have not shared it across multiple platforms for others to see. I have not opened up the stage for people to wonder, ask questions or talk about it and I like it that way. Instead, my closest tribe, the people who love and support me are in the know. The people who can help me heal, and the people who won’t use it as gossip are the ones who know all about it. Maybe one day I will choose to share my story in hopes that it helps someone else but as of right now, it is just my own and that feels powerful.

In a world where there is too much transparency, keeping something close to your heart and not blasted out for the world to see is such a special thing. Whether it is a relationship, a health journey or even just a small token of appreciation someone has shown you. Before you click and share make sure you are taking a moment to absorb it yourself. Before the rest of the world gets to share their opinion of it and change it for you.


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