No Explanation Needed

Happy weekend, friends! I read some negative comments this week online about holistic healing and it got me thinking ..

I understand the holistic route, to some, is a hard route to grasp. Why on earth would I choose this path when we have world class medical care around us and ground breaking drugs (some of which have been proven to work)? You really feel eating habits are going to make a difference? You are trusting “energy” and natural remedies to heal you?


We are so groomed to assume that if a person has a medical degree and white lab coat, they know whats best for us. I am in no way, shape or form saying modern medicine isn’t a great thing. I believe there COMPLETELY is a place for it and there are many circumstances where it is unavoidable and detrimental to someones well being. I also believe, however, that if we are given the opportunity to fix the issue ourselves we absolutely should take it.

Because I’ve been on a watch and wait, I’ve decided to try and change my Desmoid on my own while in this limbo. Is there harm in bettering my diet? Absolutely not. Is there harm in trying to solve something in my body by listening to myself and my intuition? Absolutely not! Everyone is on their own journey and needs to do things their own way. For me, this is the way.

I have run into skeptics who are confident I can’t make a change this way, but I use that as fuel. I am so convinced that I can make a change for the better, I don’t need anyone else to believe it. I do not get affected when someone tells me I’m crazy or when I see angry people post online about how ridiculous holistic healing is to them. I believe, wholeheartedly, in what i’m doing and that it is going to be part of my success.

You don’t owe anyone an explanation. As long as you’re safe, happy and on the way to healing – you’re doing the right thing.

Have you run into people with a negative opinion on holistic healing? How do you handle it? Sound off in the comments below!

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