Crystal Healing

When I was a little girl, my great grandmother, my “mum”, gave me a crystal for luck when I went to represent my elementary school in a regional history competition. I remember her telling me that she had filled it with positivity for me.

I won the competition.

My great grandmother passed away at 98 years old when I was in college, but of course, all of her lessons have stayed with me and my entire family. She was truly one of the wisest women I’ve ever met. Fast forward to 29 year old me looking for holistic ways to heal, I happened to remembered the crystal that helped me win the regional history competition and started looking into the healing powers they carry.

My mother and I had briefly discussed this as she too grew up listening to my mum talk about crystals. When I had decided to research them further, my mother told me she still had one from my mum and within minutes she produced a beautiful Crystal Quartz that had been gifted to her years ago.

We both got chills as we researched the meaning and healing powers of the Crystal Quartz – Crystal Quartz has the ability to clear the mind of negativity to enhance higher spiritual receptiveness. It is considered the master of all healing crystals due to its ability to magnify or amplify healing vibrations of other crystals. I 100% believe this was a nudge from my great grandmother that we were in the right direction and that I was going to overcome this diagnosis.

They say you should cleanse your crystals in the ocean, so, a few days later when my family and I were on Martha’s Vineyard we took the crystal with us to our most favorite beach on the island. This beach is truly where we feel the most peace, hope and soul connection to nature. I cleansed my mums crystal in the water and watched the waves wash over it while feeling peace in my soul and health in my heart. Later, I set my intentions with the crystal. I am grateful, my good health is abundant, I am strong and Desmoid free.

white clear and green healing crystals
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I was told recently when I visited an apothecary to always carry my crystal on the left side of my body as the left side is where we take vibrations in and the right side is where we release them. So I carry my Crystal Quartz with me (in a pouch) on my left side all the time. When the moon is full, or powerful I let it charge up with all my intentions nestled inside. I am grateful, my good health is abundant, I am strong and desmoid free. When I am having a bad day or feeling a little like my journey isn’t moving as fast as I want it to I grab my crystal and remember the energy its carrying for me, even when I can’t carry that energy for myself.



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