Exercising with a Desmoid

Recently my husband and I purchased a Peloton spin bike. We found we both really enjoyed taking classes at a local studio, but because there are two of us who seemingly loved to go almost everyday we did our research and found the Peloton made more sense for us. We really do love it and the freedom to be able to get in our work outs whenever is convenient for us. We both work full time so sometimes being able to come in and sit down to catch your breath from the day is ideal before getting a work out in.

Of course, with having a Desmoid on my rib cage there were certain forms of exercise that just didn’t feel good for me and I try to avoid any type of work out that focuses on my core. Most days even having a sports bra on in general causes a lot of pressure, discomfort and pain but I find spin is really therapeutic for me and is good for me all around. I did, however, notice when I worked out everyday I experienced heightened pain. Sharp little jabs would intermittently happen where I felt almost like someone was poking it with a sharp object. During the workout itself it wasn’t too bothersome other than the aforementioned sports bra thing, but the day after was very uncomfortable.

I took to my Desmoid Support group to make sure I wasn’t alone on this and ended up getting some pretty great alternatives for cardio as well.

A lot of people who experience pain because of their Desmoids suggest water exercises. Some do water aerobics while others simply swim laps. Obviously because the water can relieve a lot of pressure its easier to move your muscles and still get a great work out in. Another suggested doing Pilates. While it uses the core muscles, which I typically try to avoid, you can also build muscle support and depending on your where you Desmoid is gain muscle support in areas it is invading.

I would love to hear any suggestions anyone else may have as far as exercising goes. I’m always looking for a great work out and new ways to get them in!

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