An Entire Lifestyle Change

Growing up we always ate real food.

From the moment I could gum something down, my food was exactly what my parents were eating. I remember my mother making full blown meals that we would all gather at the dinner table to eat. I definitely grew up learning to love (or at least try) ingredients that were picked fresh from my mothers garden and every meal had some type of vegetable and proteins.

When I got older and definitely when I moved to college I no longer took what I was eating seriously in terms of my health. It was more of whatever I could eat that was convenient, worked for me. This meant ANYTHING processed, packed with sugar, or purchased without even having to step out of the car. Just now I am starting to see what awful effects these quick fix foods can have long term. Everything you put into your body is nourishing you and giving your body fuel so it can work properly. If you’re filling yourself with chemicals and processed foods how are you supposed to remain healthy? In so many aspects we treat ourselves well by working out or being consistent with dr’s visits and hair appointments but with food, I feel like we’re missing the mark and are groomed to just eat whatever is available and cheap. Not to mention all the fad diets that have us thinking we shouldn’t be eating fruit and that bacon and cheese are quick way to get bikini ready.

When I began researching desmoid’s I saw that a small percent of people shrank their tumor with lifestyle change and honestly, only a small percent of people get a desmoid tumor diagnosis SO I know I can beat the odds and do something rare which in this case is shrink mine.

My husband and I (yep, my husband made the change with me because hes just amazing like that) made the change to a plant based diet while still eating seafood. We have been doing this for about 3 weeks now and I have to say we feel GREAT. Switching to plant based has been, actually, really simple with the help of Pinterest and some Instagram influencers (@thehealthyitalian and @kalememaybe). I will definitely be posting some of my recipes that have been shared by the accounts above or I’ve made and we’ve loved on my recipes page. In just the short time we have made this change I have noticed my skin has been clearer, my energy has been so much greater and even my mind seems to be a sharper!

If you are considering going plant based and are afraid to make the jump I would say to start slow. Commit to making 1 or 2 of your daily meals plant based with no dairy. Do lots of research and find recipes that seem appealing to you – it doesn’t have to be boring or flavorless. Let me know of any plant based recipes you find or love!

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