Healing Myself

They say everything that comes to you, comes to you when you need it.

Right now, for my Desmoid, I am on a “watch and wait”. Meaning, after my next MRI they are going to see if my tumor has grown, shrunk or is stable. Mine is going to be shrunk because that’s what I’ve decided is going to happen and what I’ve been working toward. As part of the visit though, they go over the medications they have used to help shrink theses tumors, the procedures etc. just in case, down the road I have to utilize them (which I wont).

While I know some people have had successes with these modern medicines, I wanted to look at a more holistic route to avoid any future side effects.

I have come to find a new passion in this route and learning all about self healing and using the earth and your energy medicinally. My great grandmother was the first to introduce me to crystals and her lesson paid off years later when I found myself researching holistic treatment. I am convinced with her lesson and guidance now in spiritual form I am on my path to being healed.

I was able to connect with a Facebook support group of people who also have Desmoids and through the group someone suggested we all watch the documentary, Heal, on Netflix.

GUYS, there is no other way to put this than .. THIS CHANGED MY LIFE.


I don’t want to go too deep into it because I could truly talk about it FOR DAYS. But this is a must watch for anyone and everyone; whether you are physically and mentally healthy and strong, struggling in either departments, have any type of ailment or chronic illness. IT. IS. A. MUST. WATCH.

As I dive further into my blog a lot of my practices are coming from the advice from the experts in this documentary. Everyone’s journey is different and special and my journey is going to be a special one full of learning and growth that I know I am going to carry on for the rest of my life.

Have you had an experience like this? Let me know! Let’s Chat.


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